9N/10Days Freediving expedition
3rd - 12th April 2023

Join us on for an incredible voyage from Raja Ampat, cruising through some of the most pristine islands & remote reefs in Indonesia.  

Starting in Waisei/central raja Ampat,  we’ll explore the dive sites of the Dampier strait before making our way south to Misool. We’ll spend several days in Misool immersing ourselves in nature and exploring this truly spectacular part of the world.

Moving on we’ll sail past Seram and will also visit the historic Banda Islands which once saw fierce battles raging over its highly priced resource Nutmeg. The Banda's have great diving in often fantastic visibility, above water you will see volcanoes, 17th century forts and old canons lying in the street as you stroll by.

Sailing boat MikumbaRaja Ampat beach

Sample day

·      06.30 Meditation / Yoga or Sunrise SUP

·      07.00 Breakfast

·      08.30 Freediving / Snorkelling

·      12.00 Lunch

·      14.00 Freediving / Snorkelling

·      16.00 Snack

·      17.00 Trek to viewpoint for Sunset

·     19.00 Dinner / Beach BBQ

Connect to nature

This adventure is open to all level of freedivers, our experienced team of freediving instructors will be with you in the water, helping to keep you safe and guide you around the sites

Most of the dive sessions will be spent exploring the beautiful walls and reefs that are so prolific in the area. We'll also be bringing buoys for those who wish to line dive and we'll be planning at least one night dive which is truly magical.

Its not just about the underwater world , we’ll be sure to trek to view points, investigate hidden caves as well as give you time to chill on a beach or explore remote lagoons with paddleboards.

On board you can expect guided movement workshops, meditation, breath and freedive training all included in the trip cost. We want you to feel recharged and inspired after your 10 days at sea.

Freediver underwater in a caveGirls with black tip sharks

Mikumba II

We have been using Mikumba II for a number of our charters and have found her to be a fast, stable and comfortable home. 

She has a vast amount of shaded deck space, bean bags and a large saloon so finding your own private space to lounge, rest or read a book is not a problem.

Four quality standard double cabins and two luxury en-suite rooms back up an impressive set of specifications for this vessel. In addition, the boat is supported by twin inflatable speedboats (crucial for safely navigating currents)—the boats and crew help ensure a safe, enjoyable, freediving trip.

Is this for me ? Are you feeling like an adventure, to explore and spend time in nature with like minded souls?  If the sound of a normal dive charter feels a little bland and you want something that offers multiple activities, then this freediving liveaboard adventure is for you.

We will teach you to freedive or improve your skills, on board we offer pilates, meditation and breath-training…

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Inside the mikumba boatRaja Ampat from above
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