Retreats & Liveaboards in paradise

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We offer immersive experiences above and below the tropical oceans. Enjoy your body, be challenged and grow in confidence on your freediving journey.

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Our retreats, liveaboards and workshops are designed for mindful mastery in nature and life.  You will learn to find peace in the ocean, freediving and surfing. 

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Take home skills to help manage the stress of life and nurture a deeper understanding of your physiology and mental wellbeing. All of our retreats and liveaboards feature breath-training for improved health, mindful meditation and movement practices. Would you like to join the water mindset movement?

Meet your guides

Real-life mermaid - Anna

Anna left the UK and her stressed-out life in fashion design behind to follow her passion for freediving in the tropical oceans of Bali.

Anna is a certified level 4 Personal trainer, Pilates instructor and Master freediving instructor.

Anna has been teaching freediving full time since 2016, helping students discover their hidden aquatic potential in a supportive stress-free environment.

Also an athlete, Anna trains for freedive depth competitions throughout Asia. Full-time freedive training has opened up a self-inquiry journey, upgrading limiting beliefs and mindsets.  

Anna discovered the emotional freedom technique (EFT) to alleviate stress and anxiety during competitions and became a practitioner to help other students.

With a deep physiological understanding of movement, breath training and mental training. These skills are used appropriately to help other students with their freediving journey, whether on land or in the ocean.

“Freediving is a lifestyle that improves your whole health mentally and physically. You can’t hide from yourself underwater.” - Anna

Freediving, surfing & sailing - Kwab

Kwab has spent his time weaving his passions of surfing, freediving and sailing to create a life full of experience.

Leaving the UK with a degree in Outdoor Education, he initially worked facilitating activities for tourism, corporate, youth and social care groups.

Winters would be spent travelling, following his passion for surfing, which would lead to him buying a yacht & cruising through Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, the country he now calls home.  He finally traded his boat for a pirate ship and established Tradewinds Adventures, which offers liveaboard surf trips to the Sumatran outer islands.

Kwab has practised Vipassana meditation since 2001. Later, the connection between breath-holding and mindfulness meditation was immediately apparent when he discovered freediving.  As a result, he firmly believes that freediving is much more than just a sport for the competitive elite but that there are enormous physical and mental health benefits to be had by all.

In 2010 he co-founded Apneista freediving and yoga, Bali’s first freediving school. Along with the Apneista system, Kwab is also a Molchanov and SSI instructor trainer and is still actively teaching, training and passionate about freediving himself.

Kwab began leading freediving trips to Raja Ampat and Komodo in 2012 and feels blessed to have the opportunity to show people around these incredible locations.

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