Raja Ampat

“Stunning dive sites, uninhabited islands and jungle backdrops combine to make this literally “a trip of a lifetime” 

Above - Raja Ampat translates as "FOUR KINGS", and is the ultimate tropical paradise. Imagine 1500 jungle-covered islands, pristine white sandy beaches and tropical lagoons all set within bikini warm turquoise waters. Long a scuba divers Mecca, Raja Ampat is fast becoming an adventure travellers hotspot and for us, one of our favourite places to freedive.

Famed for it’s breathtaking views and hidden lagoons, the above the water topography is simply stunning. Spending time to explore on land is as much a highlight as the diving, the local West Papuans are super friendly and a trip to a village will usually be welcomed with warm words and red betel nut smiles.

Further afield village life fades away and your immersion into nature really begins. Exploring the lagoons surrounded by jungle canopy, listening for Hornbill birds or perhaps trekking through the jungle to bathe in a secluded waterfall.

This remoteness and abundance of life is an opportunity to completely lose ourselves in nature, release the stress of the modern world and explore a land that time forgot. It’s this magical quality that makes keeps us coming back here year after year.

Below - Due to the bio-diversity of marine life and huge unspoilt coral reef systems, Raja Ampat is renowned as one of the world's best freediving experiences. Raja Ampat encompasses over 200 dive sites and should be a “must do” on any freedivers bucket list. Not only is it a freediver's dream but also a fantastic area for snorkelers, as virtually everything you can see diving can also be found at snorkelling depth. 

One of the things we like most about Raja Ampat is the variety, beautiful coral gardens, reef crests, swim throughs, stunning walls and rock pinnacles all teaming with life; we could drift lazily along a jungle river in the morning, freedive on a blue water reef crest in the afternoon and spend the end the day night diving under a stunning jetty looking for wobbegong sharks.

Reef Manta rays are regular visitors to the area and can be seen having a makeover at some of the regions cleaning stations, we might even see the larger Oceanic Manta that can grow up to 7m! 

Out in the blue it’s common to see Dolphins who often come over to play on the bow of the boat as we cruise along.  Larger cetaceans such as Pilot, Sperm and even Blue whales are regularly spotted, their spouts visible as they surface from a dive, the shaded top deck of the boat the ideal place for the chance to witness this.

Above Below freediving retreats invites you to join with us, take a moment to pause, breathe , connect to this incredible ecosystem and in doing so find a deeper connection to self.

Banda Islands

Join us on for an incredible voyage from Ambon – Raja Ampat, cruising through some of the most pristine islands & remote reefs in Indonesia.  

Located 100 nautical miles South East of Ambon in the Banda Sea, it’s hard to believe that this handful of islands was at one time the epicentre of the worlds spice trade.  

Fierce battles between the British and Dutch raged over its highly priced resource Nutmeg, you can visit 17th century fort Nassau and still see old canons lying in the street as you stroll by!

Banda Neira is certainly a contender for one of the most beautiful ports in Asia. The volcano Gunning Api rises up at the entrance to the anchorage, the lava flow still visible as a charcoal river contrasted against the lush green of the hillside. 

Nowadays the islands attract a handful of travellers along with the occasional liveaboard that pass by EnRoute to Raja Ampat. Those that are in the know will stop here to soak up the regions history as well as to explore some epic diving on the surrounding reefs.

The Banda's have great diving in often fantastic clear visibility, known for its Pelagic life, it’s not unusual to see larger species here including cetaceans such as dolphins , Sperm, Pilot and Blue whales and and occasionally even Orca!

The steep volcanic islands provide for some incredible wall diving too. Vertical walls adorned with fans, sponges and coral play home to turtles and abundant fish life including Hammerhead sharks which can gather in their masses at certain islands.

Each time we return the Banda Islands we keep discovering more and it’s now a regular fixture in our schedule in April and October each year. This trip is combined with several days in Raja Ampat so you get the best of both worlds.

Interested? Check out the schedule to see availability .


Komodo is one of the best locations in Asia for a freediving liveaboard adventure. Extensive reef systems, abundant marine life, all set against a remote backdrop of over 200+ islands.

Located in the Southern part of the Indonesian archipelago, the park is particularly known as being the habitat of the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on Earth, living on the two main islands of Komodo and Rinca. 

Komodo was classified as a National Park not only to protect the dragons but also to safeguard its incredible marine life. Being in the middle of the coral triangle has enabled Komodo to become the epicentre of marine biodiversity, the quantity of marine life is simply incredible. Home to more than 100 recorded dive spots, over 1000 fish species , 14 cetacean species and reefs full of corals has firmly cemented Komodo as a freedivers paradise. Famous dive sites include Batu Bolong , The Cauldron , Manta alley , tatawa kecil and many more.

One of the driest parts of Asia where savanna, steep cliffs, and untouched white sand beaches make for a stunning backdrop to your liveaboard experience. The Tradewinds cool the air at night so sleeping out under the stars is often preferred by many guests, waking up with the sun rising over its calm blue waters.

Another great aspect of Komodo is its accessibility , only an hours flight from Bali means you can catch a morning flight and be diving the same afternoon. Distance between dive sites is relatively short and the many islands offer protection from waves and provide for quick easy crossings. 

Check our schedule to find out what trips we currently have on offer here !

Freediver swiming with manatrays

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