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Raja Ampat Liveaboards

Known as "THE FOUR KINGS", Raja Ampat is the ultimate tropical paradise. Imagine 1500 jungle-covered islands, pristine white sandy beaches, set within bikini warm turquoise waters.

Raja is Renowned as one of the world's best diving experiences due to the biodiversity of marine life and substantial unspoilt coral reef system. Raja encompasses over 200 dive sites suitable for beginners to experts and is a must for underwater photographers. Not only is it a diver's dream but also a fantastic area for freedivers, virtually everything you can see when diving can also be found at shallower snorkelling depth.

Exploring above the surface is equally breathtaking; towering island pinnacles, hidden lagoons and mangrove waterways help transport you to the land that time forgot.  Pre-dawn treks to forest hideout's, visits to local villages or seeking out hidden cave systems are just a few adventures that make Raja Ampat such an enchanting and truly magnificent place.

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Raja Ampat
10th - 17th Dec 2022

7 nights $1940 USD

Adventure freediving:
Central Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat - Ambon 2023
3rd - 12th April

9 nights from $ 2445 USD

Adventure freediving:
Set sail from Central Raja Ampat - Misool - Banda islands - Finish in Ambon

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Komodo Liveaboards

Our freediving trip will begin in Labuan Bajo, the gateway to Komodo National park.
Komodo is one giant playground for freediving; not limited by bottom times and surface intervals, we are free to play in the coral-rich waters of the area.

Expect pristine islands, colourful walls and exhilarating drifts. The marine life is simply stunning, with abundant schooling fish, corals and manta rays.
Apart from freediving, we will visit Rinca island (home of the Komodo Dragon) and watch stunning sunsets atop windswept island hills.

Other activities include SUP, trekking, and sub wing to create an unforgettable Komodo experience.

Click on the trip info link for more information about the liveaboard experience.

Lombok to Komodo national park

Freediving in the pristine waters of Komodo national park, maybe a few whale sharks in Sumbawa!


Bali Retreats

Better known as the island of the gods and for a good reason. A spiritual centre for most Bali visitors, people are drawn to Balis beauty above and below the surface.

Stunning beaches, volcanos, lush rice terraces and Jungle will keep you entertained and inspired. There are epic surf spots to the south of Bali and stunning diving to the North and North East of the island.

Amed village on the coast's northeast side is the mecca for freediving. Beautiful teeming reefs, flat warm water and deep blue ocean make the ideal ocean playground whether you are a beginner or an advanced freediver.

Apnea-fit retreat
Bali 2022

Improve your fitness and outlook whilst having fun challenging yourself in the ocean. A balance of ocean training, functional full body movement, breath-training and mindset rebooting.

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Ocean confidence
Amed, Bali.

Maybe you have anxiety about being in the big blue, lack confidence without your surf board, or curious about freediving.
3 nights and 4 days stay in Amed learning how to freedive, explore wrecks and feel good in the ocean.

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Freedive adventure
Menjangan, Bali.

3 nights 4 days luxury mini retreat. Exploring one of Bali's best kept secrets. Freediving beautiful reefs and drop offs. Guided adventure freediving for all levels.

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