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Komodo is one giant playground for freediving, not limited by bottom times and surface intervals we are free to play in the coral rich waters of the area. Expect pristine islands, colorful walls and exhilarating drifts , the marine life is simply stunning with abundant species of schooling fish , corals and manta rays.

Our trip will begin in Labuan Bajo which is the gateway to Komodo National park. We’ll meet you at the airport and bring you to Mikumba 2 , your home for the next five days. After settling in its a short 3 hour steam to our first dive site where it’s common to see a variety of schooling fish , turtles and as you drift along a sloping coral reef .

Day 2 starts with a visit to Rinca island home of the Komodo Dragon, recently upgraded, the island has an interactive visitor centre where you can learn about the dragons and their behaviour before going on a hike to see them in the wild. Later in the day we’ll be back in the water for another dive before anchoring in a secluded bay as the sunsets behind us.

Day 3 will see us leave the central region and relocate to some of our favourite dive sites in the region. Here we can enjoy spending time in a quiet anchorage where its not uncommon to see dolphins and manta feeding near the surface. We’ll play in the current , drifting slowly along the reef top exploring rock walls and coral bombies practically alone in this ocean paradise. 

One particular site has  beautiful ancient corals that sit protected from the swift currents that attract the larger pelagic fish at the entrance to the bay. We’ve even seen Mola Mola here no doubt brought up from the deep by the colder currents. Maybe a night dive here to round off what is sure to be one of the highlight days of the trip.

Komodo dragon Abovebelow freediving liveaboards
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Stunning sunsets

Day 4 Take a paddle board and watch the sun come up over the islands or maybe you feel like an early morning Line diving session? After a hearty brunch we’ll move again to an absolute banger of a dive site. known for it’s famous drift dives and colourful coral gardens, this exhilarating dive has it all, schools of trevally, sharks and often Manta and eagle rays as they transit through the passage.

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Komodo’s rests to the east of the Wallace line where the flora is more similar to Australia than the lush tropical greens of Bali. The islands are covered with open wind swept meadows, trekking up to a view point to watch the sunset provides for a beautiful feeling of expansion and is soothing to the mind. 

We have had many successful trips to Komodo where we feel we have achieved a great balance between diving the highlight dive sites of central and still sneaking away for some time in the more remote areas. It’s quite common for us to be anchored alone in a secluded bay and not being in the water with other divers for most of the trip.

Day 5 We will dive in the morning at another of our favourite sites before our last big brunch and the crossing back to labuan Bajo. Around 14.00 we will leave the boat to catch the afternoon flights back to Bali.  

Standard shared cabin $ 1495 *
Master shared cabin $ 1645*
*plus $ 125 park fees and pass, flights not included

Freediver and a manta in Komodo Abovebelow freediving liveaboards

Why choose Above Below?

We are passionate Freedivers that have over 10 years experience of running freediving retreats in Raja Ampat. This ensures that not only that we know exactly where to take you, but importantly the ingredients that combine to make this a trip of a lifetime. We have many hidden gems away from the main dive sites and we are willing to go that extra mile to make your trip extra special. 

If you’re an individual joining a scheduled charter you can trust that we are very comfortable managing group dynamics, our charters always flow nicely as we tailor each trip to suit the needs of our guests. We aspire to create a relaxed friendly vibe onboard where everyone feels safe, supported and are having fun.

In the water you’re well covered, our charters always have very experienced instructors to facilitate the freediving and all water sessions are supported by two speedboats that keep an eye on you and the conditions so all you have to do is enjoy being in the water. 

Whilst freediving and snorkelling are obviously a big focus of the trip, we’ll also be facilitating a range of other experiences. Onboard we’ll be hosting regular workshops in movement , meditation, breathwork and, if you’re really lucky, maybe even belly dancing! ; ) 

Other activities may include, sunset treks, paddle boarding, scuba, sailing, skurfing, subwing, lagoon tours, or perhaps a visit to a local village or beautiful waterfall.

Above Below freediving retreats invites you to join with us, take a moment to pause, breathe , connect to this incredible ecosystem and in doing so find a deeper connection to self.

Mikumba II

We have been using Mikumba II for a number of our charters and have found her to be a fast, stable and comfortable home.

She has a vast amount of shaded deck space, bean bags and a large saloon so finding your own private space to lounge, rest or read a book is not a problem.

Four quality standard double cabins and two luxury en-suite rooms back up an impressive set of specifications for this vessel. In addition, the boat is supported by twin inflatable speedboats (crucial for safely navigating currents)—the boats and crew help ensure a safe, enjoyable, freediving trip.

We'll be bringing buoys for those who wish to line dive, and we'll be planning at least one night dive, which is often genuinely magical.

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